Zero Waste Kitchen and Holiday Gifts.

I didn't always love cooking. In fact, my mother didn't let me cook or bake until I was 18. Maybe she was afraid I would do a lot of mess. But messy isn't necessarily bad. You're learning while making mess. That's why my kids are involved in the preparation of meals all the time. And my 11 year old can cook a complete dinner with just a little help. Recently, she asked for a pancake pan. I'm getting her De Buyer. Not only are these pans PFOA and PTFE free (please ditch those Teflon pans!) and environmentally friendly, but, and that's the most important thing for a foodie, they are perfect for sealing, browning and grilling, plus, the more the pan is used, the better it becomes. Caution: Never leave your cast iron pan soak in water, never put in a dishwasher, just scrub it and wash it immediately. Dry with a towel.

Looking for some more zero waste kitchen gifts for the upcoming holidays? Check the links below!

Flexbake baking mat - baking means using parchment paper. A lot of parchment paper. Swap it for a baking mat, which can be also used to roll out dough, or in the worst case scenario, play dough projects for your little ones.

Beeswax wrap - if you are not into DIY, buy a beeswax wrap, which can be used in the same way you would use a plastic wrap. Wrap cheese, cover your meal, wrap a piece of fruit for picnic, the choice is endless.

Staub - what the French call ''Cocotte'' is basically a big casserole where you add all ingredients, you put it in the oven and you relax until the meal is done. Don't you love cooking like that?

KitchenAid - my everyday kitchen helper for mixing dough, grinding meat, grating cheese (accessories are sold separately). Really, the only kitchen helper you'll ever need. If you are a sourdough aficionado, get the Artisan Pro.

You've probably noticed that most of the tools listed here are on the expensive side.

Am I saying that owning big and expensive tools in your kitchen is necessary to create healthy and delicious meals? Absolutely not! I'm just saying you should always buy quality tools. They will last a lifetime and isn't the whole zero waste lifestyle about that? Throwing out less?

I am sure that these tools will help you to create delicious and nutritious meals. Why is home cooking so important for me? Well, firstly, I'm writing this during the coronavirus pandemic and all restaurants are closed. Secondly, I love sending my family out in the world knowing they had a tasty, nourishing meal and they can concentrate on other things in life. Because, yes, we all have to eat so let's make preparing meals and cooking pleasurable.

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