Tips to De-clutter Your Life

There is a new trend on the social media recently, which makes sing the hearts of those organizing freaks among us (me included). We admire Marie Kondo's tips for tidying up spaces and follow Francine Jay aka Miss Minimalist in her minimalist approach to declutter our homes.

I wonder if it has to do something with our need to organize our inner lives as well, which, too, have been cluttered with too much information from all over the world. All those pandemic news, flashy pictures, blinking screens and tik toks might be too much for a mind that was accustomed to picking berries and chasing animals only a few thousands years ago. And so we de-clutter, organize and move furniture. And if you have not yet hopped on the "less mess" wave, I urge you to do so. You'll feel lighter, especially in your mind. But you've been warned - de-cluttering is addictive.

Tips to organize your kitchen and pantry

Organizing your pantry can be exceedingly simple. All you need are some glass jars of different sizes. To make it even easier, refill the jars in shop or use cloth or paper bags (less heavy) and transfer dried foods into jars at home. For a shopping list to regain health, go to the main page and download the list. ⁠ How to organize your pantry is one of the tips I teach in the course Pegan cooking and lifestyle. When it comes to healthy living (especially with kids), being well organized is key. Here are some more useful tips:⁠ ⁠ 1. Before grocery shopping, make a list. Even if you normally remember everything, it can be easy to get distracted in a shop full of products. ⁠ ⁠ 2. Store dried foods such as flours, grains, nuts or seeds in glass jars in order to see which ones need to be refilled. (Note to mothers - you still have to get up from the sofa and tell your husband what's inside - or am I the only one whose husband just doesn't find anything?)⁠ ⁠ 3. Clean the fridge often. Put a reminder in your phone - I have mine set up for Monday morning. Honestly, there's nothing worse finding a moldy salad somewhere behind the sourdough and kombucha.⁠ ⁠ 4. Some fruits, such as strawberries, bananas, tomatoes or avocados don't belong in the fridge. Keep them in the pantry in a fruit basket. ⁠ ⁠

More Tips to Organize Your Home

1. A common habit in many countries including Japan, Austria and Slovakia, is taking shoes off when you come home. Even after 15 years of living in France, I am still irritated when people enter the rooms with their shoes on. Imagine all the dust, mud and bacteria that you transfer on your shoes.

2. Exit ten tubes of toothpaste and five different sizes of soaps that linger on your bathroom sink. You need one liquid soap (purchased or homemade) in a nice container which can be refilled. The same for toothpaste. How many do you need anyway? Imagine all that space that will be easy to clean and will be nice to look at.

3. Leave kitchen counters as clean as possible. No one wants to cook in a kitchen full of unwashed dishes, unused appliances and gadgets.

4. Don't get discouraged when you read a minimalist lifestyle magazine. It's not real life. They are only magazines after all and the rooms need to be de-cluttered to be Instagram and minimalist magazine worthy. You can become a minimalist even if your living room sometimes looks like a battlefield and even if your son is an avid collector of little plastic soldiers. Our family is a living proof. Not only, but also thanks to the book The Joy of Less by Francine Jay. She is called Miss Minimalist for a reason as she's helped already thousands of people to live a clutter free and easier life. I highly recommend to read or listen (I love audio books!) to this book. With some simple steps, she will teach you how to get rid of those ten different kinds of soaps and toothpaste, de-clutter each and every room with baby steps so you really feel lighter and have more time for things that matter. I feel lighter already while thinking about minimalism, don't you?⁠

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