• Hana Kovac

Things To Let Go Of in 2020

New year is just around the corner and if you are like most of the people, you're making resolutions. And then you forget about them. But how about releasing some things which no longer serve you?

Things to let go of in 2020

1. You don't need to be right all the time. I know many people and some family members will upset you but try to love them unconditionally and without judgment. 2. Let go of fixing people. Yes, inspire and educate, even coach them but don't try to help them when they don't ask for your help (been there, didn't work).

3. Let go of perfectionism. As a matter of fact, it is a disease and it can be cured. Beating yourself up for things you haven't achieved just simply sucks. Period. There is nothing wrong about striving and doing our best but perfectionism makes your life difficult as well as lives of the people around you. A perfectionist never praises other people, never delegates things (as he/she thinks no one can get the job done better than them). You can not please a perfectionist so don't even bother. Perfectionists typically want to have a perfect body, want to have a perfect diet, a perfect relationship. You often spot them like those who eat 100 percent raw, 100 percent vegan, keto, paleo, fill in the blank. But here's the thing. Nobody's perfect. Your life will be miserable if you're trying to be perfect all the time. So let go. Want to go dancing when you've got all the moves? Go dancing now. Want to go on a date when you'll find the perfect woman/man? Go on a date now. Life is too short for being perfect.

4. Let go of fast. If you should incorporate just one strategy for the New year, let it be this one. Fast is outdated. Slow is the new sexy. Especially when it comes to eating, most of the people are so called fast eaters. They quickly swallow a meal without even noticing it. This can lead to over eating, binge eating, weight gain and metabolism dis-regulation. Take three deep breaths before every meal and then enjoy your meal. Make it a pleasurable experience. Think nice setting, calm music, nourishment.

What is the one strategy you can incorporate right now?


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