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The Power Of Letting Go

At my first session of air yoga, I got stiff. I had to make an inverse position which would mean to completely trust the fact that the sling will hold me and that I have to let go. Literally. Later, I realized why I've been so attracted to air yoga. I had the fear of letting go in my own life. I wanted to control everything and hold the life tightly as you do the air yoga sling. I'm a control addict. And I'm learning to let go.

There are stresses of everyday life, our agenda is full of goals and tasks. We set goals in our mind, we write them down on our calendar, in our bullet journal and we expect to finish them by the end of the day or week. We set goals for months, even for the whole year to come and then, if something else comes up and disturbs the progress of those tasks, we get annoyed, anxious, grumpy or even angry.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against agendas and bullet journals and I have, like, 5 calendars. But when we only set goals and tasks, we become what we do - a goal-makers, constant achievers. And we don't even celebrate our achievements as we rush to reach our next goal.

As any mindfulness teacher would tell you - letting go is one of the practices that bring us closer to strengthening our inner stability. It cultivates mindfulness and has a power to transform our lives.

Tips to let go

Let go of story and create a better one. Stories are powerful, people love stories. But our minds have a sneaky habit of repeating the same negative stories over and over again. Ask yourself: ''What stories about yourself are you repeating?'' We get often caught in a negative ''I am not good enough,” or “I don’t have enough'' monkey chatter. How about: ''I am being fully supported and have everything that I need right now.'', instead? When I'm repeating this mantra, I automatically feel more peace and inner stability. Install an app such as Mantra on your phone to get reminded that you can create a new story every day.

Let go of stuff. We acquire so many things because we believe that this thing, this experience, etc., will make us happy. By continuing to search outside of ourselves for pleasure without a strong inner mindfulness practice, we will always be hungry and our hearts will never feel full. In the psychology of eating, food is a powerful substitute for love that we don't get enough of. Ask yourself: ''What do you really need to feel full?''

Let go of busyness. When you meet a friend, ''I'm busy'' will probably be one of the first phrases he or she will say. Everyone I meet seems to be in a state of 'overload', the list of never ending tasks, the MUSTS, and the SHOULD S. Ask yourself: ''How can you simplify your life so you have time for what really matters?'' How about putting your list of NEEDS on your calendar or bullet journal and not only the MUSTS, and the SHOULD S? It can look like: ''Friday - 7 - 9 pm - self care routine.'' Let me know how it goes in the comments!

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