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The confinement brought us the freedom of all day yoga pants, no bras and, after a week of dress code zoom, no camera zoom call days (or Zoom’s “touch up my appearance” feature days). But what if this trend is here to stay and might actually be welcomed? Self care is not selfish, doing less is more, less is the new sexy - more and more people are deciding to do and consume less to live mindfully and take care of the planet. We can see this trend also in the beauty care business and although the big brands are trying to sell us the idea that we are not enough or that we are inadequate unless we buy this or that, the trend of slow care or skip care is finally reaching more and more people. Slow beauty, skip care, slow cosmetics - can we really benefit from less?

Skin is our largest organ and it absorbs everything from cigarette smoke, pollution or the toxins in your newest lotion. We can support our skin from the inside (more on that later) but we can also choose to detox and skip.

Skip Care

A skip-care routine offers the same benefits as long skin routines, but with fewer steps taken and products used. It is beauty minimalism at its best. It turns out that using too many products at once could actually cause certain issues, like skin rashes and eczema. The thing is, we really don’t know whether the products we are combining are actually compatible with each other so using less products can mean healthier skin and less acne and rashes. Skip care also means buying less products, and therefore less plastic in our bathroom. Also, it puts quality over quantity.

Evidently, the first step when it comes to skip care is getting to know your type of skin. Is it rather dry or oily? Then choosing the best products for your skin (products 2 in 1, or multitasking products), while taking into account the season and your environment. And how about adopting a weekend detox and bare face look? Not only will this give your skin an opportunity to breathe, but it will also reduce the number of products you use and the number of potentially hazardous chemicals you’re exposed to. However, never skip evening make up removal and cleansing and quality sunscreen!

Slow Care

After realizing how many toxic ingredients can have just one product, I drastically reduced the amount of beauty products I'm using. I also follow the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, launched in 2004, which lists easy-to-navigate hazard ratings for nearly 70,000 products and 9,000 ingredients on the market. I also use a fair amount herbal oils (either handmade or purchased), mainly jojoba and coconut oil. Living in the south of France, a quality non toxic sunscreen is a must. I also love Odylique cosmetics!

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