Healthy Holiday Gifts

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The holidays are coming and my guess is, you are starting to think about gifts for your friends, loved ones, or yourself. Maybe you thought about some cozy homewear outfit (yes, we're still mostly teleworking) or you finally decided you're going to lose that pandemic weight! And while you're on it, how about showing a bit TLC to our planet that nourishes us all year long?

I know what you're thinking "shouldn't holidays be about watching Christmas movies in your pajama eating popcorn? And I get it. The best 100 Christmas movies of all time? Count me in! But being health conscious doesn’t mean we can’t give or receive fun holiday gifts and eat popcorn (non GMO in coconut oil of course). It does mean, however, that we have to be a bit more creative. What follows is a list of healthy holiday gifts. Check out also this and this article with more ideas.

Fruits and veggies for holidays?

Yes! The newest research shows that 100 billion dollars in medical costs could be saved if doctors would prescribe fruits and vegetables. Moreover, millions of chronic disease cases could be prevented as well. Alas, on my 7 year long healing journey I realized I can't wait for someone else to take care of my own health. I have to be my own doctor. So I've prescribed myself those fruits and veggies. 7 to 13 portions that is. How many are you getting?

A lifesaver for moms

Headache? Overwhelm? Stress? There's an oil for that! Whether you want to relax in an Epsom salt bath or you just need a quick fix for bloating after the holiday dinner, essential oils are a lifesaver. And not only for moms. Diffuse them, massage them, inhale them, just finally use them! Honestly, I don't know where I would be without my essential oils (probably in a nuthouse).

Feeling young again

What if you could find a deeper state of relaxation, recover faster after a long run or engage in activities you like without feeling those aches and pains that come with older age? With more studies coming out each month on the many powerful medicinal and wellness properties of the cannabinoids within cannabis, no wonder the sport and wellness world have embraced this herb. Tea, ointment or oil - which one do you prefer?

It’s your Life. Make it Complete

Who has time for a balanced diet during the holidays, right? Life is hectic, y'all! As a Mind Body Eating Coach I encourage you to sit down, slow down and enjoy your food - every bite of it in fact! But I understand that not everyone can create elaborate meals day in and day out. That's where Complete comes in. Try it, thank me later.

Find even more ideas for planet loving holiday gifts here.

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