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Deeper Wellness with Cannabis

What if you could find a deeper state of relaxation, recover faster after a long run or engage in activities you like (let's say, golf) without feeling those aches and pains that come with older age? With more studies coming out each month on the many powerful medicinal and wellness properties of the cannabinoids within cannabis, no wonder the sport and wellness world have embraced this herb.

When we turn 40, our muscles and joints might be more stiff, our bodies less mobile or we may have chronic pain. Chronic pain is any pain that lasts longer than 3-6 months so we are not talking about the pain stemming from surgery or recovering from an injury. Chronic pain not only limits your mobility and can cause weight gain (vicious circle - you're not exercising because you're in pain) but can cause depression and anger.

That's where cannabis comes in - the cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG relieve pain and thus can help to enhance mobilization of the body. This can help with practicing many sports where mobilization is the key, such as yoga. It can also help relax and loosen the muscles in preparation for the challenging stretches. And as a big part of yoga involves quieting the mind and connecting to the spirit, the plant’s relaxing effect can help yogis achieve a heightened state of meditation. Studios practicing "Ganja yoga" are popping up mainly in the US or Canada and hopefully will be available in more countries worldwide.

Research about the benefits of incorporating cannabis products into your exercise routine is quite new, but we already know that CBD and CBG have therapeutic qualities that may potentially help athletes recover from their workouts. For runners this could mean managing inflammation post-workout, reducing muscle strain and managing dehydration from strenuous training. Who knows, maybe we could heal some post-workout injuries by using CBD oil rather than over-the-counter drugs which have many side effects.

Have you tried to use cannabis before or after exercising? Let me know in the comments!

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