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Summer Recipes

The 21st of June in the Northern Hemisphere is known as Summer Solstice, or Midsummer. It is the longest day and shortest night of the year and summer officially begins (Southern hemisphere celebrates the Winter Solstice).

The term ‘solstice’ is derived from the Latin words for “sun standing still”, and refers to the point at which the sun’s visual trajectory north or south across the horizon comes to a halt.

The Summer Solstice celebrates the abundance of the earth, nature is ripe, and everything flourishes. What better time to celebrate Sun with nature's gifts? Find below recipes to celebrate the most unforgettable summer party.


Elderflower Cordial

Water Kefir

Healing summer drink

Entrees and Mains

Provencal Ratatouille

No meat sunshine balls

BBQ sauce - homemade


Pancake with apricots, verbena and lavender

Fig tarte

Mint Avocado popsicles

Lavender cookies

Elderflower popsicles

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