Self Care Morning Rituals For Mothers

If you are a mother, you know how difficult it is to steal just a few minutes for yourself within a busy day. We all have to do lists that are sometimes one page long, whether it is housekeeping, shopping or commuting to school or work. But self care is very important. Self care is not selfish. How can we take care about our loved ones if we do not take care about ourselves? So today I am going to share my morning rituals which I practice every single day. They keep me energized and after doing them I feel ready and excited to start a new day.

Morning Rituals For Mothers (and everyone else)

1. Every morning, I wake up earlier than everyone else and I practice yoga. Now, there are so many benefits of yoga supported by science, that I am going to share just a few of them. Yoga improves flexibility, strengthens muscles, makes your posture better, increases bone density, increases blood flow, helps you focus, relaxes you through slowing your breath, improves balance and much more. Of course, to wake up earlier in the morning, you have to make sure, you go to bed early, which means you should be in bed at 10 pm. Well, yes that means no late night working and no checking on social media.

2. Essential oils ritual: Essential oils are a wonderful mood and energy booster. I get my essential oil diffuser going every morning with uplifting and energizing essential oils such as rosemary (focus, memory), lemon, peppermint (energizing), wild orange or any other citrus oil.

3. Step outside for a minute. Personally, I just go out and grab some greens for my morning smoothie, but if you don't have a garden, just let the light in! You have to expose your skin to light in order to wake up. If your body, face and eyes are exposed to sunlight between 7 and 10 am, your body will increase its production of serotonin.[1] We know that serotonin regulates mood, appetite, memory and sleep. As serotonin is a precursor to melatonin, which helps control your sleep and wake cycles, it means that exposure to light in the morning will make you sleep better at night. Also, bright light in the morning increases production of cortisol. Remember, not all cortisol is bad. We need cortisol, to get up in the morning and it is a vital hormone to one’s health.

4. My last but not least important morning ritual is to make a green smoothie or a green juice. In this way, I ensure that I start my morning with some greens. And as I am not very into eating savory foods in the morning, smoothie or a green juice are the best option for me. Remember, your smoothie should consist of protein, healthy fat, just a bit of fruit and most importantly, greens.

What are your morning rituals? Let me know in the comments?

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