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Spring Tapenade

When you sign up for a cooking class in Provence, it is highly probable, that one of the dishes you prepare will be tapenade. Tapenade is a Provençal dish consisting of pureed or finely-chopped olives, capers, and olive oil and its name comes from the Provençal word for capers - tapenas. Prepared from green or black olives, the basic recipe can be upgraded with anchovies, lemon juice or garlic.

Spring Tapenade


200 grams olives (green or black)

1 tbsp capers

5 anchovies (5 filets, sold in a can, preserved in olive oil)

1 tbsp lemon juice or to taste

4 wild garlic leaves

1 tbsp minced oregano leaves

3 tbsp olive oil


1. In a food processor, process the olives, add other ingredients and blend until you end up with a paste.

2. Slowly add olive oil but don't overdo it, the tapenade should be a thick paste easily spreadable.

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