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A Guilt-Free Mug-Cake (dairy and gluten free)

Ready to taste a quick and healthy dessert option? And when I say quick I mean under 3 minutes. This mug cake is that kind of dessert which you are able to prepare AND eat while your hubby gives bath to all kids. How awesome is that? Plus, you give your belly a nice portion of fiber (from green banana flour).

A Guilt-Free Mug-Cake


2 tbsp green banana flour

1 tbsp cacao

1 egg

1 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp almond milk or other non-dairy alternative

1/4 tsp baking powder ( gluten-free)

1 tbsp ghee

1 drop peppermint essential oil (optional)


1. In a microwave* proof cup, mix all ingredients.

2. Heat on high for 1 min.

3. Allow to cool a bit before serving.

4. Top with berries.

*A few notes on microwave: I often hear from people who try to lead a healthy lifestyle that microwaving food destroys nutrients. As some of you might know, my husband is a physicist and when I was concerned about this issue, he explained me that my concerns are completely unscientific. Here's why: when heating food in a microwave, the radiation that the microwave produces is actually absorbed by the water molecules in the food. This energy (non-ionising radiation) causes the water molecules to vibrate, generating heat through this (harmless) friction, which cooks the food. This mechanism is what makes microwaves much faster at heating food than other methods.


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