Can Journaling Make You Happier?

It seems that the entire mental health conscious world aspires to become the new Bridget Jones. Whichever positive psychology or motivation magazine you stumble upon, there will surely be an article about how journaling can make you happier, healthier or more focused on your goals. Haven't we all scribbled into our little journals when we were kids, those which could be closed with a tiny key in case our siblings or mom would like to peek inside?

But today's craze around journaling isn't about a preteen lying on the bed with her pink dairy. These days it is called effective journaling and it's supposed to improve your quality of life. Plus, it can help you manage stress, enhance creativity, increase happiness, improve health, and increase work performance.

I was skeptical at first, plus, after years of typing rather than writing, my handwriting isn't very neat. Nevertheless, I've tried it and it worked! By putting my thoughts, dreams and plans on the paper, I can somehow concentrate more on achieving my dreams and realizing my intentions. Whether you strive to be better around money (I recommend this book) or you want to let the Universe provide for you (then read this book), journaling will be your best friend.

The Center for Journal Therapy offers easy and effective steps on how to start journaling even if you think you don't have the time or the mindset for keeping a journal.

And we wouldn't be in the 21st century, if there wouldn't be an app to make our journaling easier. This article has done the job for you and provides the best journaling apps so far.

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