Hypnosis - Does It Really Work?

I am walking up a mossy stone staircase, breathing deeply and calmly. The nature around me is emerald green, trees reaching up to the endlessly blue sky. Five, I am almost up, four, walking at a slow pace, three, two, one...

I find myself again in the room of the hypnotherapist and I am actually not happy to return from such a beautiful place. Have you ever immersed yourself so deeply into a movie that you thought to be the main character? It happens to me all the time. If you did, than you actually know, how hypnotherapy works.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is guided hypnosis, a trance-like state of focus and concentration achieved with the help of a clinical hypnotherapist. In this state, clients can turn their attention completely inward to find and utilize the natural resources deep within themselves that can help them make changes. [1]

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat anxiety, phobias, smoking, bad habits such as nail biting or sexual dysfunction, It can also be used to help improve sleep, learning disorders, communication, and relationship issues. Hypnotherapy can aid in pain management and help resolve medical conditions such as digestive disorders, skin issues, and gastrointestinal side effects of pregnancy and chemotherapy. It can also be used by dentists to help patients control their fears. Some women even choose to use hypnotherapy while giving birth (remember Kate?).[2]

What To Expect?

We all know the powerful magic of words. There are numerous programs offered nowadays using mantras to live happier, healthier or more abundant lives. Ever tried jumping on a trampoline shouting out over and over: 'I am happy!', 'I am healthy!' (well, I did)?

When you enter the office of a therapist, prepare for a long talk. What do you struggle with? How was your birth? How was your childhood? What are your relationships? Then the therapist will guide you into a relaxed, focused state and ask you to think about experiences and situations in positive ways that can help you change the way you think and behave. Don't worry, you will not be unconscious, asleep, or in any way out of control of yourself. You will hear the therapist’s suggestions, but it is up to you to decide whether or not to act on them.

I personally had many 'aha' moments and revelations during my hypnotherapy sessions. I recognized that there actually has been a connecting thread that guided me to the life I live now. And even if you may not believe in magic, it certainly was magical to me to find out, how simple words can have such a huge impact.


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