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Planet Loving Holiday Gift Guide

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I've always loved shopping for holiday gifts, but since I've started being more health conscious, shopping for gifts became a bit more complicated. But it doesn't have to be that way. Find all my tips for a planet loving holiday gifts below. When shopping, focus on quality, not quantity. How wonderful would it be if you would show love not only to our friends and family but to our planet as well.

For Foodies:

PUKKA TEAS: These teas are 100% organic and Fair for Life certified and if I am not making some witchy herbs concoctions myself, these teas are the way to go.

CHOCOLATE: organic ingredients, fair trade, Belvas ensures Christmas spirit without a bad feeling afterwards. They even have hot chocolate drops with coconut sugar, yummy!

Great Lakes Gelatin: Made from cattle that are pasture raised and grass-fed, this gelatin is a healthy option for your cooking needs!

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is so versatile that this gift is great for more than just cooking!

Cannadorra Products: CBD oil, CBD or CBG teas, hemp products, this company is wonderful!

Kitchenaid: My favorite helper in the kitchen. For a smaller family, chose the smaller version but if you are an avid sourdough baker, get the Pro version.

Nutribullet: I'm obsessed. As a regular morning smoothie drinker, I absolutely love the simplicity this kitchen gadget offers. Whether you need to chop almonds, make a sauce or a make a morning smoothie, nutribullet does it all.

For Cosmetics Freaks:

terre d'Oc (for France): Organic teas and cosmetics, based in Provence.

ODYLIQUE: Cosmetics for sensible skin, organic and cruelty free. Check out their shampoo for sensible hair scalp, it finally made a difference for my hair!

For Fashionistas:

Colorful Swedish Gudrun Sjoden clothing, Filabio in France, 'no bullshit' jeans from Cheap Monday, and many more - the offer of slow fashion is flourishing. Why not to gift something that will not only fit, but won't destroy the planet?

For Healthy Lifestyle Lovers:

Epsom Salts: Soaking in an Epsom Salt bath is one of the most effective means of making the magnesium your body needs readily available.

Blue light Blockers: These nighttime glasses aren’t pretty, but they help block the blue light from electronics (TV, computer, phones) and can support melatonin production and one’s circadian rhythm.

Essential oil diffuser: Essential oil diffusers are a healthier option to make your home smell lovely! You can use your diffuser with your favorite essential oils. For the holiday season lavender, frankincense, clove or cinnamon are wonderful.

Young Living Essential Oils: the only ones on the market with a seed to seal guaranty.

HOMEMADE GIFTS: Every year, I love to gift something homemade, whether its baked goodies wrapped in some fancy paper or a Calendar for the new year with kids pics (makes a great gift for grandparents). Find some ideas here.

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