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Homemade Calendula Cream

I wonder if you have ever noticed this little yellowy flower which brightens gardens almost all year long. When I pick all the tomatoes and zucchinis and all what is left are salads and kale, it shines even brighter.

Calendula officinalis is a powerful remedy for bruises, burns and sores and for soothing irritated and dry skin. It can be also used internally for fevers, cramps or indigestion.

Homemade Calendula Cream

First, prepare your infused oil. Place dried Calendula flowers in organic extra virgin olive oil. As sun does not always shine even in Provence, I used the double boiler method (as written in this book). Normally, I would place the glass container in a sunny spot and let steep for two weeks. Then I would strain the oil through a cheesecloth. With double boiler method, you just place the dried herb and the oil in a double boiler and bring to low simmer for an hour. Take care not to overheat the oil. Strain the oil through a cheesecloth.

To make the cream, use 1 cup of infused oil with 1/4 cup of beeswax (heat the beeswax until melted). Store in a container and use within 6 months.

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