The Ultimate Healing Summer Drink

Many of you have already heard of essential oils. But how about hydrosols or flower waters? These liquid plant extracts, usually aromatic and with therapeutic properties, are obtained during the same process - essential oils extraction (steam distillation), so the same plant material gives two extracts: an essential oil and a hydrosol. Hydrosols are water-based substances while essential oils are oil based substances. And while essential oils require dilution and their internal use is debatable, hydrosols are very safe and gentle - they can be used on children, babies and pets. Just keep in mind that hydrosols should be refrigerated to lengthen their shelf life.

How To Make a Healing Summer Drink

The wonderful thing about hydrosols or flower waters is that they can be added to drinks and soups without the fear of overdosing ( as it can be the case with essential oils). They can even be given to children internally (dilute 1/3 tsp of hydrosol in milk, juice or water and give 3 times a day). It goes without saying that you should use the highest quality possible - always choose organic flower waters/ hydrosols. Not all hydrosols are the same: they vary in color, taste, aroma, pH and chemical constituents.

When you are making a healing drink, choose a hydrosol that has specific healing properties for your ills:

Rose: fights depression, has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-viral properties, acts as a sedative, laxative, helps heal scars and damaged skin and reduces inflammation.

Peppermint: is pain relieving, antioxidant, reduces inflammation, fights germs, bacteria and viruses, calming, supports digestions, is refreshing, relieves respiratory conditions and congestion, is a stimulant and sedative.

Peppermint is my favorite to add to a glass of lemonade to soothe the digestive system, relieve heart burn and promote digestion. Dilute one tablespoon of organic peppermint hydrosol in half liter of filtered water. You can do the same with Melissa hydrosol to help soothe an upset stomach.

Lavender: has pain relieving properties, acts as an antiseptic, heals scars, is an anti-coagulant, has anti-infectious properties, fights bacteria, viruses and germs, has decongestant properties, reduces inflammation, is calming.

Hydrosols are a wonderful way how to add that little extra healing to your daily water regime. I personally choose this seller but do your research on what is available in your own country.

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