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Homemade All-Round Cleaner

Moving is one of those events in life which you would like to go through as quickly as possible. Some statistics even say that moving is one of the top stressful situations ranking just after death of a relative or a divorce. I am not quite sure these statistics are accurate, but anyway, I am certainly stressed these last few weeks while packing boxes, organizing stuff, deciding what to take and what can stay behind (and still applying zero waste approach ha, ha). Oh yes, and cleaning. A lot of cleaning. Many homemade recipes that you can find on the web are either time consuming or require weird ingredients. And store bought cleaning products are a no no in our home since years. Why? Read this post. But this cleaner is really simple. Plus, it smells amazing!

Homemade All-Round Cleaner

What you will need (think of labeling the bottle):

1 liter bottle

500 ml white vinegar

500 ml water

zest from one or more lemons

10 drops of lemon essential oil


1. Zest the lemon and let infuse in white vinegar for a week. This is what I do: every time I use a lemon in a recipe or when preparing my morning juice, I zest the lemon and put it in the vinegar. The more zests you have, the better. The vinegar will be infused with lemon and will not smell as heavily as it normally does (and few people like the smell of vinegar).

2. Add water and essential oil.

3. Use it to clean bathtub, toilet, kitchen sink, floor. Do not use on wood, however (use flaxseed oil instead).

Happy cleaning!

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