Cacao in Toothpaste? Yes, Please!

I am a chocoholic. But after trying this recipe and also this recipe, you probably guessed. What can make a chocoholic happy? More chocolate! And some of us are that crazy they put chocolate even into a toothpaste! Raw cacao, that is. And believe it or not, we chocoholics are right. Compounds in chocolate may be more effective at fighting decay than fluoride. How come? Let me explain.

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria in the mouth turn sugar into acids, which eat away at the tooth’s surface and cause cavities. Compounds in the cocoa bean husk have an anti-bacterial effect and also fight against plaque. Ideally, you would want to chew on raw cacao nibs. I love to use them as a topping for a smoothie. But cacao in toothpaste is also tasty. Messy, yes, but tasty.

Remineralizing Cacao Toothpaste


1 tablespoon organic cacao powder

2 tablespoons bentonite clay 3 tablespoons organic coconut oil 1 tablespoon granulated xylitol 10 drops magnesium oil (I get mine here) 3 drops clove essential oil


1. Combine all ingredients. If needed, liquefy the coconut oil.

2. Store in a glass jar.

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