Forager's Pesto

Foraging got a lot of popularity lately. Coming from a country where people got out in spring to forage wild garlic or to find the best walnut tree in autumn to harvest a full bag of walnuts for winter pies, foraging is not new to me. When me and my husband came to France, we were surprised to see figs or apples waiting to be picked but no one cared when they fell on the ground and withered. Unfortunately, many people nowadays prefer to go to the store to buy cherries than to pick them themselves. However, nothing equals the sweetness of a strawberry picked in the woods during a walk. Or, nothing equals a freshly prepared pesto from dandelion's leaves and other wild edibles!

Forager's Pesto


2 cups of wild edibles: Dandelion leaves, wild garlic leaves, Stinging nettle leaves

Handful of nuts (walnuts, pine nuts)

1 garlic clove (or more if you are a garlic lover)

Olive oil (around one cup but adjust according to consistency)

Pinch of salt

(for a dairy version add Parmesan cheese)


Pulse in a blender and enjoy with whatever you like!

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