• Hana Kovac

Zero Waste Pesto (dairy free)

'I've been waiting for those the whole winter!': exclaimed my 6 year old when he saw freshly bought radishes. Do you also love when the shelves in stores fill with spring produce? As Uncle Alfie said 'Everything is so f...green!' My kids ate almost all the radishes in the car on our way from school and I was left with that green 'stuff'. Hey, don't throw them away! Make this pesto instead!

Zero Waste Pesto (dairy free)


Greens from one bunch of radishes

Handful of nuts (walnuts, pine nuts)

1 garlic clove

Olive oil (around one cup but adjust according to consistency)

Pinch of salt

(for a dairy version add Parmesan cheese)


Pulse in a blender and enjoy with whatever you like!


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