Non-candy Easter Basket Ideas

As a mom of four, Easter can become a decadent feast with too much low quality chocolate eggs. Even if good organic chocolate (at least 70 percent cacao) is healthy and acts as an antioxidant, your kids can have too much of a good thing. Below I share some ideas for a non-candy Easter Basket that your kids will love!

Non-candy Easter Basket Ideas

Play Dough:  especially appreciated by my 3 year old



Books: Peppa Pig is a classic, sticker books and activity books are a crowd-pleaser and Gruffalo is with us since many years...

Lego: Lego was fun 30 years ago and is still now (unless you step on it while cleaning the kids room). Fancy following a bunny?

Maze puzzles: a fun egg hunt surprise for older kids!

And for adults: Don't let quarantine ruin your Easter. Color this book instead!

A Few Notes on Chocolate

As I already mentioned, I only buy organic or fair trade chocolate. After watching this documentary, I am even more conscious about choosing a high quality chocolate. Remember that pesticide and insecticide residues are present in cocoa products often in large amounts as cocoa tree is vulnerable e.g. to fungal disease. Moreover, the cocoa bean has a high content of butter or fat which absorbs the active ingredients in insecticides. Therefore, enjoy chocolate and raw cacao, it is a superfood, but only when bought organic.

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