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Homemade Fermented Garlic

Raw garlic is the nature's medicine nb.1. It is highly potent at fighting pathogenic bacteria and harmful microbes including viruses and fungi. Garlic is a natural antibiotic but unlike synthetic antibiotics, it doesn’t create unbalance in your the gut. For people like me who can't digest raw garlic, pickled garlic is a wonderful option. Fermenting garlic eliminates the negative aspects of eating raw garlic (bloating, gas) without reducing or eliminating any of the natural benefits. In addition, the probiotic and enzymatic value of garlic is enhanced by fermentation.

Fermented Garlic


5 heads of organic garlic

1 tbsp. sea salt

470 ml filtered water


1. Separate all the cloves from each head of garlic.

2. Remove the skin from each clove.

3. Place all the cloves in a mason jar and fill with filtered water mixed with sea salt. Make sure all cloves are fully immersed in water (use fermentation weight or use airlock lids).

4. Close the lid tightly and place in a cool spot for one month.

5. After one month, transfer to the refrigerator.

Use fermented garlic as you would use fresh garlic. Although it is not as pungent as raw garlic, is has the same benefits for your health.

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