Self-Acceptance and Weight Loss

You eat the right food, you exercise and you stay cool while passing by the nearest bakery with their delicious pastries. So why is it that you can't lose weight? You blame your mother for the wrong genes, blame your pregnancy who gave you extra pounds, you can't look into the mirror without criticizing yourself. And what if it's your mind hindering you from achieving your goal?

For whatever reason we women often beat ourselves up and we never respect and cherish the wonderful vessel which was given to us by God or nature (depending on your beliefs). We never love ourselves unconditionally. However, self-acceptance and self-love should be our major goal in our lives. How can we love our friends or family if we constantly beat ourselves up for years? Maybe our mother criticized us, maybe our father or friend made a criticizing remark and we think it is normal.

The number one thing we can do to help us love ourselves, especially if we are going to lose weight is stop ALL criticism. When we criticize ourselves we create negative thoughts and this negativism contributes not only to failing to lose weight but to our health issues as well.

If you can't lose weight even if you eat healthy and exercise, ask yourself the following questions. Why can't you lose weight? Do you want to keep the extra pounds because it creates a protective layer? Do you want to be seen as strong and wealthy (rich people were often depicted as strong people with a well nourished belly)? Do you hide in these extra pounds because you don't want to be seen? Are you afraid that people would hurt you if you wouldn't have these extra pounds? When trying to lose weight we must look into our mind and ask ourselves if we want to stay as we are or opt for a change. We have to choose the thoughts that are nurturous and supportive for us. We have to refuse to criticize ourselves.

Find out how Emotional Freedom Technique can help you to start loving yourself in this blog. Positive affirmations for weight loss could look like this: "Even though I have these extra pounds, I deeply and completely accept myself."

Give EFT a try and let me know how it went.

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