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A Look Into My Fridge

This post is going to be one of those how to-s, that kind of elementary school project which teachers give out before autumn break. However, information in this post might be very helpful for those people, who would like to change their eating habits but don't know where to start. I want you to take a look into my fridge and then go to your kitchen and open yours. Do you store food in plastic bags or glass containers? Are there enough seasonal veggies? Is your salad wrapped in a plastic bag? Do you have some fermented foods in your fridge?

Fermented foods

As you can see, one whole section is dedicated to fermented foods. There are kefir grains to make water kefir, rye sourdough for the bread for my family, gluten-free buckwheat sourdough for me, kombucha scoby to make homemade Kombucha and Summer Bock's recipe for kimchi. Yogurts are often sold in plastic containers, so buying a yogurt maker few years ago was a good idea. We still have to encourage our kids to chose this healthier option to store-bought yogurts (even if they are organic).

Animal protein and fat

Grass-fed butter is stored in a porcelain container, tamari in a glass bottle, organic eggs in a paper container. Cheese is stored either in a glass container or a beeswax wrap. After reading Dr.Pizzorno's book The Toxin Solution, I am even more aware of the dangers of BPA, BPS and BPF (all endocrine disruptors) in our environment. However, due to hygienic issues, even organic meat and cheese in France is packed in plastic vacuum bags or wraps and it is fairly difficult to find an organic butcher in our area who wouldn't use plastic to wrap his products.

Veggies and fruit

Fortunately, veggies and fruit can be stored as such, provided you clean the compartment regularly. Also, France banned plastic bags two years ago and you can use paper bags to shop for produce or come with your own cloth bag.

I hope this simple 'how to' will make your life easier. Get inspired and let me know how it went!

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