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Halloween Treats (that are actually healthy)

Halloween is just around the corner and we are getting ready for trick or treating - making costumes, decorating the house and (some of us) thinking about better alternatives to those 'cavities on a stick' (have you seen Charlie and the Chocolate factory?). I have nothing against good quality chocolate, what upsets me is the amount of sugar our kids get exposed to every day. Yes, you probably roll your eyes now: 'c'mon let kids have some fun', but the thing is, you can hardly attend a birthday party, go to a grocery store with kids or even let your kids go to school (birthday cakes of friends at school) without getting them exposed to sugar. We are very conscious about candy at home and when coming from a birthday party, my kids are allowed just one treat (after dinner and after eating their veggies). But I must admit sometimes I make up some excuse so that my kids won't go to a birthday party and be exposed to several plates of the worst candy imaginable. Oral health of my kids is very important to me as cavities, mercury-based silver fillings and gum disease are all correlated with inflammation and it has been shown that inflammation somewhere in the body is the root cause of almost every chronic disease (heart disease, autoimmune disease etc., find out more here).

Halloween Treats (that are actually healthy)

Fruit Leather

Homemade Fruit Snack

Chocolate Bark

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Happy Halloween preparations!

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