How To Create Hygge Moments

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In my last blog, I introduced you the world of hygge, Danish art of better living and how you can use hygge to fight Seasonal affective disorder. Let me now show you some simple hygge habits to incorporate into your daily routine.

1. Candle light

In average, every Danish burns 6 kg of candle wax per year (in comparison, it is 3,16 kg in Austria). And we are not talking about scented candles, which are hazardous for health. No, the oldest manufacturer of Danish candles, Asp-Holmblad, doesn't even have scented candles in his catalogue. This is what I like the most about hygge - people in Denmark like natural and organic products. Just for the record, Danish are one of the biggest consumers of organic products in Europe. Anyway, if you want to create cosy atmosphere in your home, light some beeswax candles. After reading Meik Wiking's book, I light candles every evening and my kids are fascinated by the warm light. If you are into DIY, make your own beeswax candles, melting beeswax and adding some essential oils while still melted.

2. Being with Friends and Family

In our modern era of smartphones and tablets, it is less and less common to spend face to face contact with your friends and family. With Covid, this became common-sense in order to prevent the virus spreading. However, there are some ways how to stay in contact with your family and friends - via Skype or Zoom. But please be mindful about the amount of time spent on devices. Teenagers nowadays spend more time looking at the screen of their smartphones and snap chatting with each other that any other generation before. With more and more screen time, the depression in teens skyrocketed. If we want to stop this trend, we, as parents should care more about how our kids spend their free time, encourage them to spend more time outdoors or doing creative activities that don't involve screens.

3. Homemade meals

My health and the health of my family is my priority and as the health starts in the kitchen, I cook all meals, bake all cakes and so on, myself. Yes, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen but homemade healthy meal is more important to me than wasting time checking tweets and likes under my posts. Homemade meals are the essence of hygge and in the last years, many Danish people bake their own bread using sourdough. The long process of preparing the bread the ancient way is very hyggelig. Coronavirus pandemic has some positive outcome after all - the amount of Mason jars in the US used during the crisis skyrocketed as many people started gardens and need to preserve their produce. Will you join them?

4. Hot drinks

86 percent of Danish associate hot drinks with the term hygge. The dearest to them is the coffee.

5. Wooden objects

Wood brings us closer to Nature and with so many people living in the cities, we crave nature even more. In fact, when I think about a kid going to a school with no trees to climb and no mud to make herself dirty and living in an apartment in a city, there is no way we can raise a new generation that will save the planet. Encourage your kids to be outside, play in mud and climb trees, they need outdoor microbes to boost their immunity.

What are your ways to live more hygge? Comment below!

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