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Homemade Kombucha

Homemade Kombucha Foodie in Provence

Kombucha is a naturally carbonated fermented tea drink packed with enzymes, probiotics and beneficial acids. Its origin is uncertain but it is thought to have originated in the Far East, probably China, and has been consumed there for at least two thousand years. The Kombucha culture known as 'scoby' (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts) is placed in sweetened black or green tea. To learn more about kombucha and its benefits go here.

How to make kombucha at home

To make kombucha, first you have to find a friend who offers you a scoby. Or you can buy kombucha in an organic store or online. This recipe is inspired by Dr.Perlmutter's book Brain maker where he talks about the importance of fermented food for the brain. It is fascinating that adding fermented foods to your diet can change the chemistry of your brain!


3 litres water

1 cup unrefined sugar

6 bags of organic green or black tea

1 scoby plus 1 cup of fermented kombucha liquid (if you buy kombucha at the store, you will notice a slimy texture in your bottle - that's the newly-forming scoby and you can actually make your own scoby from it. Just make sure it's a raw, unflavored variety)


  1. Prepare the sweet tea. Boil 3 litres of water with 1 cup of unrefined sugar. Add 6 bags of organic green or black tea. Let steep for 15 minutes.

  2. Discard the tea bags and let tea cool to room temperature. I usually make the tea in the evening and add the scoby in the morning to be sure the tea is not too hot to kill the scoby.

  3. Once tea is completely cool, add the scoby and a few tablespoons of starter liquid.

  4. Cover the jar with cloth and rubber band tightly to keep away flies.

  5. Put the jar in a warm place.

  6. Let sit to ferment for around 7-21 days. The length of time varies depending on temperature in your kitchen/season.

If you notice mold or an off-flavour, discard the batch and start a new one but generally, making kombucha at home is very safe.

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