Why I wander around (almost) barefoot

Foodie in Provence in Vibram Five Fingers

I recently listened to a fabulous podcast with Dr. Ray McClanahan, a podiatrist. This topic is very dear to my heart as my father was a podiatrist as well. And even if my father is more on the conventional side, he would definitely agree with Dr.Ray on one point: 'We are not born with shoes on'. Just think about it, baby feet are flawless! However, we harm our feet with fashionable footwear for years and we often end up with achy feet. Below you can find some tips on how to prevent this condition. Also check out Dr.Ray's truly inspirational videos!

How to prevent sore feet

1. Encourage your kids to walk around barefoot as it helps properly develop foot muscles. Walk barefoot yourself as much as possible.

2. Do not wear shoes at home.

3. When shopping for footwear, chose either barefoot shoes/ minimalist shoes or footwear with flat soles (there are many barefoot footwear brands nowadays such as VIVOBAREFOOT, Vibram Five Fingers or Merrell Barefoot). Believe me, once you start wearing these, you can hardly put on a conventional pair of shoes.

4. Last but not least, connect to Mother Earth wandering barefoot in nature and feel the texture of grass, stones or sand beneath.

Happy barefooting!

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