Are superfoods just a fad?

Food companies often push us to believe that if you don't buy spirulina, wheat grass or chia seeds, you will die young, fat and wrinkly. Don't get me wrong, spirulina, wheat grass and chia seeds are amazing foods but if you don't have the budget to buy them, chill out, there are many other 'superfoods' that should be in your pantry.

As a matter of fact, all REAL food is a superfood. A quick question - what is healthier: freshly picked salad from your garden or organic supergreens from your grocery store? Most of the food in your grocery store has been lying there for a week, if you are lucky, just for few days. The nutrition content might be 40 % smaller than in the freshly picked salad (with a bit of dirt and your microbiome will thank you). Beefsteak from your farmer who lives just around the corner can be much healthier than all the sprayed beans from the supermarket. And you were told you should not eat too much red meat, right?

To stay healthy and vibrant try to shop only for real food which means food that would spoil if you leave it unrefrigerated for two weeks. These include fruits (mostly berries, lemons) and veggies (focus on green leafy and cruciferous veggies), grass-fed meat, organic eggs, wild caught fish, healthy fats - yes, fats are back on the menu after more than 30 years of brainwashing that fat is bad (coconut oil, grass-fed butter, organic lard, duck fat), fermented veggies (sauerkraut, kimchi), seeds (flaxseed, poppy seed, hemp seed), roots such as ginger and turmeric. These two spices are two of the most healing foods on the planet. Turmeric supports the liver, fights inflammation and is a powerful antioxidant while ginger helps digestion and can even be used for cancer prevention. Herbs have also amazing healing properties. And even the simplest of foods such as garlic or apple cider vinegar can be the healthiest superfoods!

If you want to invest more, go for algae (kombu, wakame, nori), spirulina, a powerful antioxidant, goji berries, maca powder or raw cacao.

Also, sprouting broccoli seeds is a wonderful way to put health on your plate.

Try these two superfood recipes and remember, health begins in your kitchen!

Smoothie 'Dark rider'

1 banana, frozen

1 apple

2 cups of water

1 cup of blueberries

1 tsp of spirulina

Blend all ingredients.

Turmeric smoothie 'on the sweet side'

1 cup coconut milk 1 banana 1 tbsp coconut oil half tsp turmeric half tsp cinnamon half tsp ginger 1 tsp chia seeds half cup mango

Blend all ingredients.

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