What's Your Story?

Since ancient times, stories were used to inspire, teach, clarify, and mobilize. Stories are powerful because through them, we activate our imagination and we can connect to the storyteller in a meaningful way. Maybe you have the same experience, maybe you can relate and that's what makes storytelling a wonderful way to create connections.

Most of the healers, coaches and spiritual leaders have a very personal story to tell. An event that ended the life as they knew it and they felt that their story can inspire others. We call them ''wounded healers'', people who can relate and who understand your struggles as they've been there.

I consider myself to be a wounded healer. So here's my story.

I was born via C-section. As research shows there is a huge difference between vaginal and caesarean delivery, and children born by C-sections have not only a different microbiome, but are also are at increased risk for allergic diseases. Also, many infants born by caesarean delivery lack the early support of breast milk as a stimulate for a good intestinal flora as onset of lactation with caesarean section is delayed. As a child I took some rounds of antibiotics. Fast forward to my puberty and my early twenties when I was constantly bloated. Even if my parents were medical doctors, nobody ever made the link between my stomach problems and bloating to nutrition and possible lactose and gluten intolerance. Nutrition is not taught at medical schools, after all.

The delivery of my first child being very dramatic, I had baby blues and another round of antibiotics due to bad healing of the wound after episiotomy. Second and third delivery followed (a birth center birth and a home birth). Kids were doing great but I was very tired, had seasonal affective disorder and digestive issues. I also got every cold that was going around, having at least two other rounds of antibiotics.

My third baby was two months old when I signed up for an online weight loss summit. I didn't know what to expect but was ready to do anything and everything to feel better. I was overweight, bloated and honestly, fed up. Sitting in front of my computer, salted peanuts in one hand, a beer in another, I was intrigued as one speaker mentioned Paleo nutrition. I graduated as a history teacher, so the concept of eating as our ancestors did sounded plausible. So I gave it a shot. I quit gluten, dairy, legumes, and after a few months all my symptoms disappeared! I had so much energy I could easily take care of three kids and then go for a run in the evening!

I never went back to eating wheat although I occasionally eat Einkorn (ancient form of wheat), I support fermented dairy (kefir) and I eat tons of vegetables. I personally believe in personalized nutrition and recognize, that every human is unique and thus should follow a diet which suits him and him alone. Paleo, vegetarian, pegan, keto or vegan, all diets should be based on eating plenty of organic, seasonal and if possible, local vegetables, some fruit, nuts and seeds. If you add meat or dairy, they should always me sustainably raised, grass fed and nitrate free.

Why am I sharing all this? I want you to know that even if you are feeling tired and depressed there are simple lifestyle changes you can make to feel great! Everyone of us has a story to tell. What's your story?

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