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15 Savvy Alternatives To Plastic

Have you heard about the global movement Plastic Free July? This movement has already inspired over 120 million participants in 177 countries. By making a small change, like refusing single-use plastics we can collectively make a big difference to our communities. Being part of Plastic Free July will help you to find alternatives to plastic which we will explore in this article. Don't worry, you don't have to go zero waste from one day to another, it is really those baby steps that make a difference. So let's dive in!

15 Savvy Alternatives To Plastic

1. Use beeswax wrap instead of plastic wrap. Beeswax wrap is a fun way how to reuse old shopping bags or how to feature a very nice fabric in your kitchen. Below, you'll find a video how to make your own. These wraps can be used as a regular plastic foil, wrap everything in it from apple to your food leftovers.

2. Use glass containers instead of plastic ones. Glass containers are durable, dishwasher safe and a fancy way to store food either in your fridge or in your cupboard. Plus, you can store your food leftovers in them, take them to your office the next day and you'll have a healthy lunch without plastics!

3. Use stainless steel or glass bottles instead of plastic ones. Stainless steel is my favorite option for hiking as they are lightweight and come in all the colors and designs you can imagine.Encourage your kids to choose their own and take them to school to ensure hydration.

4. Take a cloth bag to your shopping mall or grocery store and small cloth bags for fruits, veggies, nuts or seeds. I always carry a shopping bag in my car and there are also foldable options to put in your purse.

5. Use stainless steel or bamboo straws instead of single use plastic ones. And there are even edible straws nowadays, how awesome is that?

6. Shop for plastic-free options for your veggies and fruit. Shopping for organic fruits and veggies in a big supermarket can be a nightmare as they are generally wrapped in plastic. Shop at farmer's markets instead, or order a weekly supply of fruits and veggies from your farmer.

7. Take a reusable coffee cup to your coffee shop. Make it fancy, choose your favorite cup or gift yourself with a nice mug with personal message.

8. Compost your fruits and veggies scraps, coffee filters and much more! Composting is a wonderful way how to reduce waste and nourish your garden as well. Except of meat, fish or herbicide sprayed plants, almost everything from your kitchen can be composted. Tea bags (check if they are really plastic free), coffee filters, fruits and veggies scraps, egg cartons torn into small pieces, egg shells.If you don't have a garden, don't despair, there are so called vermicomposts, which can be stored on a balcony or in your kitchen under the sink.

9. Use cloth diapers or shop for healthier options. If you've been following me for a while, you know that I have four kids and I have used cloth diapers with all of them. Of course, the initial investment is quite big but if you have more kids or pass the diapers to your friend or sister, the investment is worth it. They last for years! If you really don't feel like using cloth diapers, choose healthier options for your baby, there are so many options nowadays!

10. Choose glass bottles and containers when you are shopping. While striving to make healthy choices, I have to be a savvy customer - if I'm buying tomato sauce, juices or yogurts, I always choose those sold in glass containers instead of plastic ones. These can be reused for different purposes such as homemade jam.

11. Some shops carry paper bags to shop for produce. These can be reused or composted. Transfer the items into glass jars when unpacking your shopping bags.

12. Picnic is fabulous to enjoy sunny weather but it is often a source of pollution. Bags of chips, beer cans and other waste often end up in nature. Learn about a sustainable way to have your picnic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7Ab-vZQ07w

13. Concerts and summer parties are the ultimate summer fun but have you seen all those garbage bins full of plastics after a party? Choose paper or bamboo plates instead and bring your own cutlery!

14. When shopping for tea, choose loose leaf tea, or select the brands that produce plastic free tea bags. Or grow your own herbs which are not only delicious but also healing. To learn more about herbs in the kitchen, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xo6EiLXk0yE&t=10s

15. Last but not least, don't buy mineral water or any other beverages which come in plastic bottles. Not only are these often not stored properly but the plastic leaches into your water. Yuck, right? Install a water filtering system in your home and drink water from the tap!

Have some other ideas for reducing plastics? Let me know in the comments!

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